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"Leute von früher" - Kristin Höller

Der Suhrkamp-Verlag ist auf meine Kunst aufmerksam geworden und hat sich entschieden, eines meiner Bilder als Buchcover zu verwenden. Ich freue mich riesig darüber.
Den Roman gibt's seit April 2024 im Buchhandel.
"'Leute von früher' erzählt vom Bewahren und Verschwinden, von Abschied und Neubeginn. Von alten Legenden und moderner Lohnarbeit, vom Verliebtsein und von der Suche nach einem Platz im Leben. Humorvoll, klug und mit großer Wärme."
Ich danke dem Verlag und der Autorin Kristin Höller für die freundliche Zusammenarbeit!
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"Art only becomes interesting when we are faced with something that we cannot fully explain right away."

Christoph Schlingensief

Stefanie Werner Wiesbaden Hessen Hobbykünstlerin abstrakte Kunst Acrylbilder

Hello and welcome!

I am Stefanie and I paint. For me, painting means switching off the head, be in the flow, express my creativity... on my headphones always music that has accompanied, inspired and formed me all my life - Beatles, Bowie, Blur... that's what I love.

My paintings have no message or vision, don't want to move the world. And yet, if you like them, if they decorate your empty wall and make your home more interesting, they've already done a lot.

I like to make relatively small-sized pictures that can easily fit into small corners of the apartment and, for example, make a desk more cozy.


Pinsel, Stefanie Werner

Of course, my works are unique. They are predominantly abstract, often inspired by landscapes, nature, music, film, the environment and people. Above all, however, about the morbid beauty of decay. Everything imperfect, unfinished, broken fascinates me. Scratches, cracks and structures are important elements that are traditionally created by pastes or by natural materials such as coffee grounds or tea leaves.

I design my pictures intuitively, i.e. without a plan, completely free, without specifications, no commisions, but with a lot of passion and the joy of experimentation.
The canvases stretched on stretcher frames are painted with high-quality acrylic paints, dabbed or filled with paint. In order to protect the colors as far as possible from environmental influences, they are finally covered with a varnish.

Keilrahmen Leinwand Stefanie Werner Wiesbaden

Speaking of environmental influences: A stretcher frame made of wood is a natural product that "lives". It adapts - regardless of the price range of the frame - to the prevailing room climate and temperature fluctuations, which means that it can swell or, in the worst case, even deform.

That's why I recommend investing in a suitable floater frame (which unfortunately I can't offer in my shop). This not only provides stability for the canvas frame, the picture is also optically significantly refined.

”You can do anything you want. This is your world."


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